André Galluzzi is born on July, 18th 1973 in Frankfurt/Main, Germany. In 1989 he had his first appearance at the "Pie" in Erbenheim - André was 14 years old, when he worked in the club behind the bar. The fact that the DJ was ill gives André the chance to fill the gap and changes his life forever. Beginning of the nineties André has regular bookings in a nightcafé where everything can be heard, from Black Music, Art of Noise to the first House/Techno Sounds from the U.S. At the same time, he has bookings in Berlin's legendary "Bunker" and at the "M" in Mainz. André works at the "Boy" record store in Frankfurt and has bookings in the whole Rhein-Main area.

Additionally, he plays at the "Turbine" in Berlin as well as in other clubs in Berlin. At the end of 1994, he joins the Neuton label, where he gets in touch with Paul Brtschitsch. The latter organises Open Air Parties in Wiesbaden and became aware of André through his marathon-like sets. He also makes contact with promoters of the "Terra Uno" events, who are booking André regularly from now on. André is now resident DJ at the "Park Café" in Wiesbaden, plays at the "Dorian Gray" in Frankfurt and at parties like the "Holy-X-Mas Rave" and the "Euphoria". The first TAKSI record is released at the end of 1995, and Sven Vaeth immediately takes it on his playlist. After the Love Parade 1996, the names of the two TAKSI drivers are already familiar. In 1996 André moves to Berlin. The "Tresor" booked him as resident DJ and he got his first international bookings in Sweden, Canada, Turkey, Holland and Switzerland. He releases on TAKSI, Ongaku and Force Inc. The very own TAKSI sound is created through André's experience in DJing in combination with Paul's technical abilities.

andré galluzzi au festival pixels de strasbourg

The sounds range from dark and spacy to the carefree casualness of house-orientated music, from minimal-pounding and trippy to fat beats. It's not about simple tracks but songs. You don't find stupid drum-lines but real arrangements. Musical variety is surely the motto of the two TAKSI protagonists. Even without a visible audience, André knows how to excite people through his radio sets for Kiss FM, HR XXL, Sputnik and Fritz. In 1999 the "Ostgut" catches André's attention and the corresponding ideas of club owner and DJ regarding music lead to a very fruitful collaboration. Since then, André's gigs at the "Ostgut" are highly acclaimed. André's musical work is documented in seven TAKSI releases and the new album "Rundfahrt", for which André and Paul are currently doing some promo all over Europe.

The last TAKSI release, "Schneesturm", even got the attention of Richie Hawtin: he licensed the track for his "Plus 8" label and contributed a remix. In 2002/2003 André releases the Mix-CD "AndrAndrAndré Galluzzieacute; Galluzzieacute; Galluzzi im Garten" (Taksi 10) as a tribute to his residency at Ostgut club. For the Cocoon Compilation C, André and Paul produce the track "Maskenball" and for Ongaku the album "Night on Earth II". André's collaboration with John Selway leads to the sixth part of the "Essential Underground" series and the new Taksi release "Lockvogel" (Taksi 11) is also in stores, a new album is to follow. A sign for the international quality of the Taksi tracks is the licensing of "Rohrbruch" to the belgian label Music Man.

From summer 2003 on, André is responsible for a series of events, where he makes the crowd mad with his 10 hour sets. Additionally, he presents live acts such as Paul Brtschitsch, Reinhard Voigt or Tony Rohr. In September, André releases his third Mix-CD for the Würzburg club "Airport", together with resident Marc Miroir. Prenzlberg - das ist seine Homebase.

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